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Trojan Condoms Is Now Making ‘Testosterone-Boosting’ Supplements

Achilles is abut to get his gains in life (and love) from the supplement blend of horny goat weed and the brand's ‘Man Boost Matrix’ technology.
Trojan Launches ‘Man Boost’ Men’s Wellness Supplements
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After all this time, my favorite part of the Iliad is still when Agamemnon rips open a Trojan brand condom with his teeth, and imparts new wisdom about the company’s first foray into men’s wellness supplements. That’s right, horny plebes: In case you missed it, Trojan has officially thrown its helmet into the arena of daily wellness supplements with the launch of “Trojan Man Boost.” 

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Did this bro take Trojan Man Boost supplements? Maybe. Photo: Getty Images

Creating wellness supplements, the brand explains, simply felt like the natural next step in its overarching goal to help Zeus’ children “achieve peak performance” not only in the sack, but in life in general. It also helps bring the over 100-year-old condom brand into the same conversations as newer ~*~aesthetic~*~ sexual wellness companies such as Maude and Dame, which have both launched their own wellness supplements in recent years. 

So, what’s in this sweet ambrosia? Trojan says that the daily supplement is designed to support testosterone production, sexual arousal, energy metabolism, and muscle function, and attempts to do so with a swole list of ingredients that includes everything from vitamin B12, D, magnesium, and zinc to something the company calls the “Trojan Man Boost Matrix” blend, which unites the powers of Testofen, L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, Horny Goat Weed, and Bioperine. If all of this is Greek to you, Trojan breaks its logic down in simpler terms on the site; Testofen is for sexual arousal, the zinc and magnesium are for testosterone production, vitamin B12 is for energy metabolism, and that big mouthful of D (the vitamin, silly) is for muscle function. Not to sip the Kool-Aid too soon, but it does sound like it could kick the hell out of our Flintstones’ gummies.

$29.98 at Trojan

$29.98 at Trojan

Troy may have fallen, it’s nice to know that its warriors’ namesake lives on through such brazen boner-boosters. 

Purchase Trojan Man Boost supplements here.

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