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These ‘Morning After’ Vitamins May Help You Metabolize Alcohol Better

I’m old and even two glasses of wine hurt real bad, but H-Proof claims its vitamin blends may be able to save you from a rough morning.
H-Proof Vitamins Are Formulated to Help You Metabolize Alcohol
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Whaddup, my millennial #ganggang? I don’t know about you, but lately, even a single glass of natty wine has the ability to take me out. I laughed in my twenties when my older pals ominously warned, “Just wait until you turn 30…” like The Ghost of Drinking Past™. At the time, I scoffed, as all it took for me to recover from a night of deplorable behavior and one too many whiskey gingers (the thought of drinking one of those today is enough to make me hurl) was a bagel, a blue Gatorade, and a few extra hours of sleep. Now, after a big night out, I become a shell of myself—looking like the Crypt Keeper and recoiling from the daylight in my heap of blankets like that lady from that one episode of Hoarders. Aging really is brutal. For those rough mornings, I’ve tried plenty of hydration powders, and while they help restore me to normalcy on some level (and are good for your body in general), they’re hardly a “miracle cure.” 


Most people think it’s the dehydration that gets you, but H-PROOF is a new vitamin and electrolyte mix brand that targets a different day-after issue: alcohol metabolization. H-PROOF’s founder, Dr. Linda J. Kaplan, MD, is a board-certified surgeon whose research has led to the 16 active ingredients that comprise the vitamin blend. The brand’s proprietary chewable pill, the Anytime You Dink Vitamin, has a ton of tried-and-true ingredients like zinc and B vitamins—which H-PROOF claims “support liver enzymes, which metabolize alcohol and turn it into harmless substances,” ergo no day-after imbibing regrets. As we age, “we make fewer enzymes, slowing our metabolism,” according to the brand. This makes it harder for us to digest everything from bigger meals to several rounds of beer-and-a-shot combos. TL;DR: Now it makes sense as to why we can no longer hang. 

In addition to kicking the metabolization of alcohol into high gear, the Anytime You Drink Vitamin (which should be taken immediately after your first few drinks) also replenishes all those electrolytes you deplete after two martinis, with ingredients like milk thistle, DHM, taurine, and glutathione to promote liver health. Listen, we’re not saying you could smash an entire handle of Jim Beam, pop an H-PROOF, and be ready to run a 10K the following morning, but you might wake up not hating the entire world… and that’s an improvement.

Learn more about H-PROOF here.

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