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Panic Over! These Reddit Bros Have Worked Out Why Half the UK's Nightclubs Have Closed

"If you engage any female who had 1 beer, then you are a rapist and have fun in prison."
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Since the figures were released at the start of this week, nearly everyone on the internet has been speculating as to what has caused half of the UK's nightclubs to close in a year. You can read our thoughts on the matter here but be warned — they have just been rendered completely redundant by a subreddit called Mens Rights. They know exactly why the UK's clubs are closing. Put simply, it's all feminism's fault. Grrrrrrr. Feminism! Now look what you've done!


We should warn you that the follow screenshots contain allusions to sexual assault, confused ideologies, and terrible grammar.

The thread begins with a link to The Independent's version of the story, along with a potent use of the word "speculation".

At this stage, nightclubs get given a snappy new nickname: Zones of Near-Complete Female Supremacy.

From here the theorising gets real, with everything from victim blaming to Tinder to death row getting a look in.

Any final thoughts?

As with so much, it's obviously terrible, and sometimes calling it out can be about as boring as complaining that Christmas decorations are in the shops earlier every year. But it's particularly saddening to see the two-fold game of awfulness at play here. Not only are they belittling a real issue that is affecting both businesses and the huge majority of people who have a passion for electronic music in a club setting, but also these redditors are perpetuating the myth that clubs are spaces for finding easy sex and mistreating women. Double whammy. Good job.

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