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Evian Christ's 'Waterfall' EP Sounds Like A Dystopian Dancehall Dream

The Kanye West collaborator is killing it, and here's solid proof.

Okay, so as much as we loved the big reveal of the Burial selfie recently, we did get a good laugh out of Evian Christ's rapid-fire piss-take of it on Twitter. Going after what was probably the nicest artist-to-fan note in recent memory may have come off a bit too dry for some, but Evian Christ is something of a holy grail in current electronic music: he doesn't take much too seriously, apart from his music.


His latest release, the Waterfall EP (due out on Tri Angle Records on March 17th), has just been posted in full on his own website for streaming, and it's confirmed what THUMP's long suspected of the recent Kanye West collaborator: this is a fearless young producer, more than ready to blow his lesser peers apart. Like all great experimental music, I'm struggling to think of how to describe it neatly. "Brimstone dancehall" will do.

You can stream the Waterfall EP in full here.

Evian Christ is also throwing an incredible-looking party in London this month, with an equally incredible flyer.