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How the Electronic Music Community Has Responded to President Trump

Here's how some of your favorite DJs reacted to the news that Donald fucking Trump is the President.

Donald Trump is President of the United States of America. Say it a couple of times, wrap your lips around the words, your head around the idea. Donald Trump is President of the United States of America. What you're doing now, in response to this news, could range anywhere between drafting impassioned tweets about the failure of pollsters, to stocking up on canned foods and kevlar, from planning your migration across the Canadian border, to starting bonfires in the street. We can't tell you what the right reaction is, but what we can tell is how your favourite DJs and artists have reacted. Here are some of our favourite doom-ridden, downtrodden responses:


1. Mykki Blanco

So America is over political correctness yea?

— MYKKI (@MykkiBlanco)November 9, 2016

2. Fatima Al Qadiri

waking up to the worst news of my entire adult life ….

— Fatima Al Qadiri (@FatimaAlQadiri)November 9, 2016

3. The Black Madonna


— The Black Madonna (@blackmadonnachi)November 9, 2016

4. Diplo

The next four years are gonna just be a never ending loop of duck dynasty

— (@diplo)November 9, 2016

5. Derrick Carter

I guess I need to start on my album.

— Derrick Carter (@blucu)November 9, 2016

6. J.G. Biberkopf

Fuck white America

— J.G. Biberkopf (@jacquesgaspard)November 9, 2016

7. Dawn Richard

so all you people out there saying racism, sexism, bigotry doesn't exist. It does. It always has. It had a lid on it. Now it doesn't.

— D∆WN (@DawnRichard)November 9, 2016

8. Flying Lotus

The press knew they were creating this monster. Only late in the game when shit got real were they trying to discredit him.Send in the memes

— FLYLO (@flyinglotus)November 9, 2016

9. Jacques Greene

i always imagine Trump getting his hair/toupee and makeup done before every appearance rly dramatically like Immortan Joe in Mad Max

— locke screene (@jacquesgreene)November 9, 2016

10. Disclosure

— Disclosure (@disclosure)November 9, 2016

11. Nite Jewel

u who sat back and watched this happen and did nothing while angry white supremacists turned out in droves

— Nite Jewel (@NiteJewel)November 9, 2016

12. Le1f

i'm too over/underwhelmed tonight by digital graphs stained with blood, portraying the lust for white supremacy in america.

— Le1f (@le1f)November 9, 2016

13. Seth Troxler

I've lost my hope in America, you should be ashamed. If any of my fans have voted for trump please unfollow me. I'm not a fan of you! ?

— seth troxler (@sethtroxler)November 9, 2016

14. Kelela

Just wanna know where the meeting is…where Angela Davis and Michelle Alexander address OUR nation… I'm ready ???

— Kelela (@kelelam)November 9, 2016

15. MikeQ

All those red hats at Donald's HQ are like KKK hats 2k16

— MikeQ (@TheOnlyMikeQ)November 9, 2016

16. Jubilee

The media turned him into a Kardashian and this was the outcome good work

— AFTER HOURS (@JubileeDJ)November 9, 2016

17. Dedekind Cut

you know how we got here / you know who established this country /& we know who its built for …

— ¬ (@LeeBannon)November 9, 2016

18. Laurel Halo

please read. — LAUREL HALO (@LaurelHalo)November 9, 2016

19. Rizzla

how many of us told our mothers it would be okay tonight

— rizzla (@rizzla_dj)November 9, 2016

20. Thom Yorke

avoidall eye contactdo not reactshoot the messengersthis is a low flying panic attacksingthesong of sixpencethatgoes — Thom Yorke (@thomyorke)November 9, 2016

21. Holly Herndon

Just to be clear; this was a racist, nativist, bigoted tantrum.

— Holly Herndon (@hollyherndon)November 9, 2016

22. James Ferraro

Disgusted to say the least. That we missed the opportunity to elect the first woman pres of the USA

— James Ferraro (@LIL_ICEBUNNY)November 9, 2016

23. RVNG Intl.

never has hate appeared so prominent, but the love + light is within us to help reconnect + recalibrate as a whole

— RVNG Intl. (@rvngintl)November 9, 2016


You cannot win within a system that is not designed for you

— SHYBOI (@yu_whoooo)November 9, 2016

25. Mija

well the world hasn't burned down yet so we r off to an OK start :/ right now, this v second, feels like a rly important time to make music.

— bad boi mija (@hi_mija)November 9, 2016

26. Claude VonStroke

Sometimes it doesn't go my way but I stay positive and keep doing what i think is right

— VonStroke (@vonstroke)November 9, 2016

27. Skepta

Maybe now we have the correct evil face to the evil agenda, you can all stop feeling so familiar with the government and start progressing.

— SKEPTA (@Skepta)November 9, 2016

28. Neon Indian

As someone who arrived illegally to the U.S. & earned citizenship over the course of a decade, this feels like the end of an American Dream.

— Neon Indian (@NeonIndian)November 9, 2016

29. M.I.A.

In England the date is 9.11

— M.I.A (@MIAuniverse)November 9, 2016

30. DJ Earl

woke up after this show and yooooooo WTF…. What The Actual Fuck I swear this ain't real now I believe we actually living in the matrix

— DJ Earl +EkLIFE 20/3 (@DeejayEarl_)November 9, 2016

31. Mat Dryhurst

Who'd have thought that a white con man with a marketing budget would thrive in an network engineered to service the needs of advertisers?

— Mat Dryhurst (@matdryhurst)November 9, 2016

32. Juliana Huxtable

I am apalled not just by TRUMP voters but by all the angry citizens who are silent and inactive 3 out of every 4 years but blaming 3rd party

— Juliana Huxtable (@HUXTABLEJULIANA)November 9, 2016