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A Look Inside NYC's Vogue Knights, Presented by Qween Beat

We touch down at the epicenter of ballroom in the Big Apple with MikeQ, Kevin Prodigy, Omari Mizrahi, and more vogue stars.

In the process of making Icy Lake—the Night Slugs and Fade to Mind documentary that THUMP unleashed in April—director Wills Glasspiegel and NS' L-Vis 1990 accrued hours of compelling footage from Vogue Knights, the Monday night weekly meeting place for NYC's vogue/ballroom scene.

This video is a look inside the DJ booth and dancefloor at Vogue Knights, featuring resident DJ MikeQ of the Qween Beat and Fade to Mind labels, plus dancers Omari Mizrahi, Justin Khan, and Sheaboogie Mizrahi (among others) and MCs Kevin JZ Prodigy, Tigga Tsunami and Leggo Labeija.


Featured music: "Let It All Out" and "The Ha Dub Rewerk'd," available on Fade to Mind Records

Watch Icy Lake below!

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