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Gaslamp Killer, LOUDPVCK & Lil Texas Have Deep Thots

The biggest DJs in the game turnt up and totally unscripted in our brand new talk show with IHEARTCOMIX.
July 31, 2013, 8:00pm

THUMP has teamed up with LA party institution IHEARTCOMIX to create Deep Thots, a weekly talk show filmed at the IHC Sundays pool party at Drai's Hollywood. Hosted by Yung Klout Gang'sBrittney Scott and Demonbabies' Lil Lucifer, Deep Thots features your favorite DJ/producers unscripted, off-the-cuff, and totally turnt up! 

The debut episode of Deep Thots features Brainfeeder beat guru and all around wild and crazy zude Gaslamp Killer talkin' about phat pants and dead bodies, trap artists (or are they EDM?) Kenny Beats and Ryan Marks of LOUDPVCK (say "Loudpack"), up-and-coming DJ/producer Lil Texas explaining why he's Lil instead of Big, and wild 'n' crazy tie-dye guys Brrrang-A-Dang speaking about Lil B and why they put Ham on Everything. Just watch it already!