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You Can Make Your Own Shitty Sonic Character In 'Sonic Forces'

Get ready for the greatest OCs the internet has ever seen.

We don't typically cover game trailers here at Waypoint, but this was too good not to touch on, just a little bit. In a trailer released (maybe we should say unleashed) today for Sonic Forces, the Custom Hero feature was unveiled to the world. You'll be able to take all sorts of cartoonish bits and pieces and make your very own Shitty Friend for Sonic and company!

I'm not making fun, this is honestly great. The internet has been awash in Sonic fan art for… as long as there's been an internet, and I truly welcome the wonderful, weird, wild OCs (Danika tells me this stands for "Original Character) that will rain forth from this day. This is the first time (I believe), that an official Sonic game is allowing character creation, giving fans a very cool outlet to actually play with their fantasy characters.

I want to make an MMA-fighting Bat named Ramielle (pronounced like Ram-Yell). She'll have giant muscles and a cool hat, game-willing.

Do you have a rad OC (or idea)? No need to be shy, let's take it to the forums! Or even better—share "your" Hedgehog. Google "*Your Name* The Hedgehog" and share your findings with the class.