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The Royals and Aramark Are Proud to Present Dumpster Dog Night

The Kansas City Royals and concessions giant Aramark have been selling some pretty disgusting hot dogs.
April 20, 2015, 9:15pm

On the one night Kauffman Stadium sold hot dogs for a reasonable price, Aramark, the concessions food giant of sno-cones in the bathroom fame, got a little lax with the standards. Instead of the delicious, savory, and left over parts of animals we've come to embrace as the hot dog, they sold a bunch of shit it looks like they found in the dumpster on weeks-old bread. Friday night was dollar dog night at Kauffman Stadium and that right there is what one American dollar got you. If they ever do dollar beer night they'll probably just hand out catheters with a little sippy straw.

One fan and his son were so grossed out they tried to trade the waterlogged pencil wrapped in a half-eaten crunchwrap supreme that they were given for an actual hot dog, but they were rebuffed by a walking shoulder shrug emoji.

"They kind of told us, 'well they're a dollar, so you get what you get,'" [Neal] Ross said.

Ross went on to say he wouldn't have eaten the hot dog were it free. Which is tough criticism when you consider this is the kind of thing drunks in the upper level usually pay other drunks to eat.

Amazingly, this comes just a few months after an Aramark employee at Kauffman called attention to the disgusting food prep conditions at the stadium. Jon Costa worked for Aramark (which also runs concessions at Arrowhead Stadium) and blew the whistle on the group because, among other things, it "broke rules about storing foods at the right temperatures, hand washing, and had insects and rodents present." Costa says Aramark refused to address the issues, thereby forcing his hand to go public.

Subsequent inspections revealed violations in 20 of 26 reviews at both stadiums. Last month, Costa was fired. On Friday, fans were basically served trash.

This is the kind of @Aramark product that is routinely found at @Royals and @KCChiefs games. #sickeninganddisgusting
— Andrew Kinsman (@RoyalAK47) April 19, 2015

Moldy trash at that.