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Are Indie Games Pushing The Medium Into Bold New Territory?

This question, amongst others, is explored in the latest PBS Off Book video The Creativity of Indie Video Games.

The PBS Off Book video series has been a great place to showcase contemporary art forms and the people behind them. The episodes have looked into different ways that various mediums are redefining what art can be and how it’s made—delving into how the internet is creating new funding models, along with looking at glitch art, 8-bit art, viral imagery, hacking culture, and a whole bunch more.

Their latest piece, The Creativity of Indie Video Games (above), looks into indie gaming—the experimental little bro of the multi-kersquillion-dollar gaming industry. Amongst the heads doing the talking are Zach Gage, creator of Spelltower, our own gaming columnist Leigh Alexander, and Jamin Warren from Kill Screen Magazine.

With lots of mainstream titles playing it safe, it’s left to the indies to be the sandbox environment where experimentation can thrive. They are what’s taking the industry back to how it used to be when video games first came around and small teams of developers would work on projects that challenged and pushed the form. "I think indie video games have the possibility to create the most interesting and unique systems, " says Gage, “Because they’re driven by the want to make something and express yourself”.

So are the indies living up to the challenge of exploring new ground? These guys seem to think so.