Tender Video Recommendations to Soothe Your Hangover

Join host Issy Beech on a journey through some of the most tranquil videos on the web.

You know the feeling. You wake up with a taste in your mouth like you’ve been eating socks, and a feeling in your head like the world’s ending. You need food and Powerade and ibuprofen… and some kind of entertainment that doesn’t dial up the tension. No explosions or anything with subtitles. Also nothing involving Adam Sandler. But what kind of entertainment is that? And where does this entertainment come from?


Well look no further. Because here’s a video that’ll tell you everything you need to know about hangover videos. Our very own Issy Beech presents a selection of internet recommendations, for all the times you just want to die. From cute animals to soothing waterfalls, to meaningless but very ambient soundtracks—we’ve got you covered.