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Nintendo is Finally Taking a Small Step Towards Accessibility on Switch

With 'ARMS,' at least, players will have a chance to remap every button on the controller.
All images courtesy Nintendo

In a recent tweet on the company's UK Handle, Nintendo announced a much-needed update for its motion-controlled boxing game, ARMS: "Big news, fighting fans! #ARMS Ver. 3 will allow you to remap the controls to the buttons of your choice! How's that for flexibility?"

In the accompanying video, the new remapping options are on display. It's only a brief look at what's available, but it appears to be a pretty robust system, allowing anyone with difficulties to tune the Switch's various inputs to their needs.

It's not just good news for disabled players, but it's a promising sign that maybe, just maybe, Nintendo is starting to get wise to the needs of the very large number of folks who'd like to enjoy its games. Motion controls may seem natural, but they just don't work well for many players. Accessibility options like these should be the new normal across development.