This Artist Fills the Internet with Pastel Cyborgs and Twerking Aliens
Images courtesy @pastelae; collages by Lia Kantrowitz


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This Artist Fills the Internet with Pastel Cyborgs and Twerking Aliens

Josefin Jonsson, a.k.a. @pastelae, invites us into her girly-gritty cyberpunk world.

This week, I wanted to feature Josefin Jonsson, a.k.a. @pastelae, because she has such a quirky, spiritual, unique vision. She's from Piteå, Sweden, and her art combines Scandinavian minimalism and a cool, pastel color palette with crazy fantasy creatures and net throwbacks.

Her work can be sexy and feminine, but it's also pretty hilarious. I remember a couple years ago when me and Pastelae were internet art babies I commissioned her to make a "viral gif" for an exhibition I was doing with my artist collective, Post Vision. She decided to do a twerking alien lol. I was so excited because hers and the one I made actually went viral. Other art she's made features a rapping cyborg with the voice of the Google Translate lady and some eccentric catwalk characters with custom clothing. She also prints her designs on stuff like sweatshirts, leggings, beach towels, pillows, and other useful stuff, so fans can actually live in her pastel online wonderland.


I asked Pastelae to share some of her work and fill out a questionnaire to help you get to know her better. Keep scrolling to get to all that. And before you go, make sure to snag the desktop and mobile wallpapers Pastelae designed exclusively for VICE!

You can download them for free HERE.

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