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Get Ready for Pharmaceutical-Grade Magic Mushroom Pills

As magic mushrooms make the shift from recreational drug to mental health treatment, patients won’t be eating caps and stems, but a synthetic product made in a lab—one that can be patented and profited from.
Shayla Love

To Hell With Pickup Trucks

Time for your weekly edition of Drew Magary’s Funbag. Today, we're talking about ice, eating food upside down, 69 jokes, and more.
Drew Magary

Vape Shop Owners and Employees Are Having a Nightmare Christmas

This is what happens when your industry becomes a national scandal—and a community tries to look after its own.
Alex Norcia
Watching Ourselves

‘FUCK CRIME:’ Inside Ring’s Quest to Become Law Enforcement’s Best Friend

Amazon's surveillance company has seeped into hundreds of American communities by throwing parties for police and giving them free devices.
Caroline Haskins
climate change

Fossil Fuel Giants Should Be Terrified of Becoming the Next Big Tobacco

ExxonMobil can afford the monetary damages at stake in a suit from New York State. But its reputation might not survive.
Geoff Dembicki

People Suspected of Witchcraft Are Still Being Persecuted and Killed

An international group of advocates are urging the U.N. to do something about the ostracization and violence.
Manvir Singh
The Borders Issue 2019

The Hidden Stress of Growing Up a Child of Immigrants

Though immigrants come from a variety of backgrounds, there are certain stressors that U.S.-born children of immigrants have in common.
Nicole Clark
Drugs Addiction

Vape-Related Deaths Are Scaring People Back Into Smoking Cigs

"I realized that if I'm going to die from nicotine, I'd rather have it be at age 60 from cancer than 24 from my lungs exploding or whatever."
Alex Norcia

True Self-Care Is Not About You

“Self-care” is marketed as an isolating, individual activity, but the best way to care for ourselves is to care for each other.
Angie Jaime
The Noisey Guide to

You Need to Listen to More Bossa Nova

After the death of João Gilberto, one of the Brazilian genre's founding fathers, we look back on how the style's mid-century success changed pop music forever.
Rob Arcand
so sad today

Doing What You Love Is Hard: Advice from So Sad Today

It may seem that others are achieving “liberation” through following their passions, but what you might not see is the hard work behind it.
Melissa Broder
Scam Academy

Teens Hacked Their Teacher's Computer to Change Grades for Money

"It wasn't necessarily the most legal thing, but something to do that was sort of fun."