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Check Out David Bowie's New Video "Love is Lost"

The Thin White Duke's Latest Video

VICE is pleased to present the new video from our number-one mega music crush of all time, David Bowie. This is the part of the article where we usually write something like “if you’re not familiar with Bowie, he’s a…” but you do know exactly who he is, and if you don’t, you should reconsider a few things about your life and how you got to where you are without being aware of this celestial treasure… or at least re-watch Labyrinth.


He just sent us his new video for “Love Is Lost,” and since I'm obliged to do anything he says, we decided to premiere it. This version is a remix of the track done by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, and the video was directed by Barnaby Roper, a London transplant living in New York who’s directed videos for the Futureheads, OKGO, and Moby. The track is off Bowie’s latest release, The Next Day Extra, a triple-disc companion to his 24th studio album, The Next Day, which came out earlier this year through his own ISO imprint.

In addition to a bunch of outtakes, The Next Day Extra also features four newly recorded songs, four B-sides, and two new remixes. You can order a physical copy right here, or pick it up online.

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