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Prince Fielder Tells Someone they "Park Like an Asshole" and Autographs Note

Sometimes, your shitty parking gets noticed by famous baseball players.
Photo by Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports, image via Reddit user artfufkin

According to a Reddit user, retired Rangers, Tigers, and Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder left a lovely little hate note on someone's car because they parked so poorly. It reads, "You park like an asshole / yours truly, Prince Fielder." It's actually pretty sweet when you think about it.

The only concrete forensics that seem to line up are that the signature is most certainly in the shape of Prince's autograph, and that someone else on Reddit said they saw Prince post an ephemeral Instagram story of him slapping the note on the car, unfortunately those automatically delete after viewing and it's doesn't seem that anyone has snagged it yet. The original poster also said it happened in Orlando, where Fielder lives.

Yeah, someone could have doctored a signed Post-it note to make it look like this—but who would sign a Post-it note in that very bizarre location? And why would you go through the trouble to do such a thing? And, is it really so hard to believe that Prince Fielder told someone that they park like an asshole?

Anyway, it's nice to know that Prince is spending his retirement calling foul on bullshit parking. Just make sure you give him a couple extra inches next time.