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We Spoke to the 'Blood Rave' Promoters About Their 'Human Blood Shower' Party

Guests are advised not to wear their best outfits, because they're probably going to end up covered in human blood.

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Heard about that "Blood Rave"? If you haven't, don't fret—it's exactly what it sounds like: a group of crazy Dutch bastards throwing a Halloween party during which clubbers will apparently be sprayed with real human blood. A bit like the opening scene of Blade, only with fewer men in leather coats firing shotguns at guests.

When thinking about this for more than a cursory 12 seconds, there are a lot of logistical implications at stake here, each raising a number of questions. Where's the blood coming from? Is the local government OK with this? Can I bring my kid?


The shady promoters—who must, of course, remain anonymous—allowed us into their sanguine sanctum (Facebook) to talk over a glass of "the red stuff" (Facebook message each other) about the logistics of such a bold plan. When I was talking to them, I envisaged a couple of black metal types—guys named "Grishnahk" or "Tagrath," or something—typing away with fingers full of skull rings. But reading it back, I reckon they're probably just two very normal men with a skill for marketing club nights.

VICE: First, is this for real?
Blood Rave Promoter: It is definitely taking place. It is not one of those Facebook events with a funny title that will never happen.

What was the inspiration behind it? Purely that scene from Blade?
The last couple of years, Halloween parties have become more and more popular in Holland, but in our view the club nights are often way too happy. We were looking for a way to create a really creepy, dark, industrial concept. Of course, we got directly inspired by the Blade opening scene; that was why we decided to investigate the option to install a blood sprinkler.

Is there a music policy?
The music policy will be based on the current house/techno scene in Amsterdam. We're currently working on the line-up, and I can't yet be specific about specific DJs.

OK, cool—just wanted to check. Back to the blood: Where are you getting it from?
We're researching all possibilities. It depends on all kinds of different regulations and restrictions, but what I can guarantee you is that you will only see red all night.


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Is there a possibility that the blood won't be real on the night?
Of course, our visitors' safety comes first, but we are definitely exploring all possibilities to make this [event[ as freaky as possible.

Are you worried that the smell of so much blood will make people feel a little ill? It has quite a strong scent of iron.
We are aware that we will have to take all kinds of preventive measures to make sure all our visitors will [have] a night that they want to remember, such as [providing guests with] plastic bags so their phones stay dry. Maybe we'll have to add a clean air area for people to get themselves together, or provide them with filter masks, or something like that.

If it comes to it, will you use your own blood to top up the levels if you don't manage to get hold of enough?
It really depends on what the specific regulations will be.

Has the venue not yet been announced because you're still looking for one?
We're speaking with several different venues; each have their own pros and cons. We will announce the venue as soon as we know which one fits the concept best.

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Do you have experience in putting on events like this?
We are a group of different people with experience in organizing events. Of course, this event is one on its own, not really comparable with our history of events.

What would you suggest people wear to the rave?
We will push people towards wearing something dark and grimy, inspired by the concept. Since everybody will be red when the sprinklers start, it will not be advised to bring your most fancy outfit.

Are you expecting a lot of vampires to attend?
As far as I know, they don't exist.

Maybe more like those people who dress like vampires and get fang implants.
We will have to find out, but they will certainly be welcome.

Nice. Finally, how many people are you expecting to arrive, and how will you clean up the mess afterward?
We are aiming for 1,500 people. I guess we will have to use a lot of mops and bleach.