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Fashion Issue Extra: Igor Dewe's Videos Are as Crazy as His Shoes

It takes a special kind of Frenchman to run a juicer with his crotch.

Before we were introduced to French performer, fashion activist, and maker of the least boring shoes in the world, Igor Dewe, words like "fashion film” brought to mind hungry 15-year-old girls making weird faces to pretentious music, and "performance art” made us think of self-important art students confusing pointless acts—like stuffing some Spaghetti-Os up a vagina—for groundbreaking social commentary. Igor’s videos, however, mess around with conventions in the best possible ways. They’ll make you go, “What the heel?” (pun intended) and, “Did he just make that glass of juice with his dick?”


Below are our favorite Igor Dewe videos. Give them a watch and maybe those insane shoes you just read about in the Fashion Issue will make a bit more sense.

The Little Sand Castle,

video by Maja Bergström

Selling My Juice,

video by Maja Bergström

Fashion Carwash, video by Maja Bergström

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