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Crate Expectations: Kenton Slash Demon

Like most people, DJs and producers have specific songs tied to events throughout their lives. In Crate Expectations, we extract a playlist from their memories to tell their story. This week's subject is Danish duo Kenton Slash Demon. Known for their melancholy, sadlad pop-house, the pair have been releasing material to acclaim since 2015. They've made fans in the likes of Brodinski, Michael Mayer, Dixon and DJ Koze, amongst others. Ahead of the release of their new EP on Future Classic, we caught up with them in brain-sharing joint entity mode.


What are the first two songs you ever mixed together?
Kenton Slash Demon: I have no idea but it must have been some 90's trance music.

What is your worst guilty pleasure song?

If we've played really well and have the right connection with the crowd then we can't help our selves when it comes to this song. It has to be a small space but then it actually works really well.

What song have you had on repeat in the last month?

It's been one of our favourite acts for years. Love the songwriting, the production, the mixing, the artwork, the videos.. Everything about this band is cool.

Which track of your own do you love the most?

We love when a track places itself in-between different genres and vibes. "Harpe" kind of does that. It's big room-ish but still melancholic and gentle. For us it was an important track because it kind of helped us to take our productions in a different direction. It's also named after our good childhood friend and the sample in the beginning of the song is something I recorded years ago when we hanging out at a friends house.

What track of your own do you hate the most?
Can't tell you because we don't want you to find them!

What track are you most excited to drop on your upcoming tour?

What's your favourite track that you wish worked in a set?

Love the track and how progressive it is — we've just never played it.

What's the last song you want to hear before the lights go on?

I imagine this gets you ready for the after party. It never ends.

The Harpe/Syko EP is out now on vinyl and on September 18th digitally via Future Classic.

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