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It's a Christmas F*cking Miracle: Run The Jewels Just Dropped 'RTJ 3'

The long-awaited third album from Killer Mike and El-P is here ahead of schedule.

With Christmas Day minutes away on the East Coast, Run The Jewels have released their long-awaited third studio album, RTJ 3. It's a Christmas Fucking Miracle.

The album features the previously released singles "2100," "Legend Has It," "Talk to Me," and "Panther Like a Panther (I'm the Shit)." There are guest appearances from Danny Brown on "Hey Kids (Bumaye)" and Kamasi Washington on "Thursday in the Danger Room."

The album was originally slated for release on January 13. The album initially appeared on iTunes with little fanfare before El-P confirmed the release on Twitter.

The duo's website crashed soon after the album came out on iTunes. But either way, you can listen to RTJ 3 below. HOLY SHIT YOU CAN LISTEN TO RTJ 3 BELOW.

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