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Principe Discos Release First Compilation Featuring DJ Marfox, Nidia Minaj, and More

The Lisbon batida label's 'Mambo Leve D'outro Mundo' is out today on Bandcamp.
July 20, 2016, 7:40pm
This post was originally published on Thump Brasil.

Since the middle of last decade, Portuguese producers including DJ Marfox, Nigga Fox, and Nidia Minaj, have disassembled and rebuilt randomly the rhythms of Portuguese colonies in Africa to make batida, one of the most forward-thinking forms of electronic music worldwide. The spread of this scene globally was lead largely by Lisbon label Principe Discos, which emerged in the early 2010s, keen to share these sounds from the city's suburbs.


Today, after issuing many of thegenre's best works, the label returns with their first compilation, Mambos Levis D'Outro Mundo. Consisting of 23 tracks from artists like DJ Marfox, Nigga Fox, Nidia Minaj, and DJ Nervoso, the collection features cover artwork by Márcio Matos, and is available to download now or buy on cassette via the label's Bandcamp.