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Perc's Video for "Gruel" Will Give You Really Fun Seizures!

The London techno don did not go for subtlety on this one.

The video for London techno don Perc's new single "Gruel" is a perfect visual representation of his music. Both are as jarring and complex as they are deceptively simple, immersive as they are challenging, and either is liable to burn your neural pathways to a crisp.

Put together by audiovisual artist z_koncept, the overwhelming barrage of lights in the video for "Gruel" is about more than just making you flip the fuck out. There's a subtle confluence between the aggressive sensory stimulation and challenging tones that elevates you to some fucked up synesthesia from whence you may never return.

Released on his own Perc Trax, "Gruel" is from the Gob EP, released on August 31. Rumors that a 24-hour loop of the video is being considered as an alternative to waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay are considered to be false. Okay, fine, we made that part up. Sounds like a rave we'd be into, though.

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