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Video: Sexy In the City with Cyril Hahn

This rising star once thought house music was the devil. Now he's the heir to the Disclosure/Julio Bashmore throne.

Cyril Hahn is the latest bb on PMR Records—home of Disclosure, Julio Bashmore, and Jessie Ware—and, like those stars, he makes the sort of beautifully chilled garage revivalist house jams that make you feel like you want to be in love forever and ever. Summer might end, but you can still remain in an eternal summer of the mind (and the club).

Vancouver-based (but Switzerland-raised) Cyril got his start remixing your favorite R&B songs into DJ-friendly edits with plenty of warm synths and sensual vibes, proving that there's a secret lover lurking inside this quiet computer dude. We recently met up with Cyril in Manhattan whilst he was on tour with fellow emo-electronic upstart Ryan Hemsworth and got an exclusive video interview with this soft-spoken producer on the rise. We talk about sexy jams and his approach to production, and he answers the age-old question "To Rage or Not To Rage?"

Go get the stunning new Perfect Form EP, which came out today on PMR, at this link right here.