This Pirates Fan Getting Nailed in the Face with Nachos Is the Best Thing You'll Watch Today

When a foul ball's approaching, do you have quick reflexes? Or are you a fan with a cardboard box full of food on your lap who should duck or otherwise get the hell out of the way?
August 11, 2016, 7:00pm

Depending on where you're sitting in a baseball stadium, you're liable to have an up-close-and-personal experience with a foul ball or a dinger. And when that fateful ball comes your way, you have to think quick. Are you one of those adult Little Leaguers who brings a glove to a game and could at long last snag glory with an outstretched arm? Are you athletically gifted, with quick reflexes? Or are you a beer-drinking fan with a cardboard box full of food on your lap who should duck or otherwise get the hell out of the way?

Whatever you do, try not to be this unfortunate guy who reached for a ball and managed to end up with a face full of nacho cheese and a tall boy on the floor.

A guy at a Pittsburgh Pirates game on Wednesday night went for the glory when a foul ball flew his way and ended up with a face smothered in nacho cheese and what appears to be chili. As he reaches for the ball, you'll see he was woefully unprepared to make a barehanded grab off a Major League bat, with his Miller Lite cradled in his arm at about a 90-degree angle even before the nachos go flying.

After it was all said and done, with no ball in hand, he's probably looking at well over ten bucks in stadium food down the drain on top of the cost of a new shirt and the incalculable damage to his dignity, now streaming as a looping GIF for all eternity. But at least his hair still looks good.

The Pirates hooked him up with a new shirt that read, "I Caught the T-Shirt Toss Like A Boss" (unlike the ball). The dude was a good sport about the whole thing, but let this serve as a reminder that for every fan who manages to catch a ball while drinking a beer (or pulls off the feat of catching a ball in a beer and then subsequently chugging it), there are fans dropping balls left and right, sometimes at the expense of their overpriced stadium snacks (listen to that crowd; look at that splatter!) or even something more important like, oh, say, a baby.

It might not be the coolest look to be the grownup with a baseball glove, but it's probably better than a face full of crappy queso and tortilla chips.