Keep the Party Going with These Bloody Mary Recipes
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Keep the Party Going with These Bloody Mary Recipes

Why not end your week with a spicy bang and drink some Bloody Mary's to keep the weekend rolling? We've collected some of the best recipes that you need to incorporate into your Saturday morning routine.
September 19, 2015, 3:00pm

It's noon and your brain is throbbing.

No matter how many times you've told yourself that you weren't going to do this to your body again, here you are. You probably should have stopped after your third glass of beer or that fifth shot of tequila, but it fortunately happens to be the weekend. This means that you're entitled to at least another 22 hours of chill time before the daily grind.

So why not keep the party going with some spicy cocktails?


RECIPE: DIY Bloody Mary

Contrary to popular belief, making bomb cocktails at home that are just as good as your favorite bar is totally doable. OK, so you may not look as badass while trying to shake them like bartenders do, but this why you should ease into it and start things off with stirred cocktails. Behold the easiest DIY Bloody Mary recipe that uses ingredients already lurking in your pantry. A little paprika, a little hot sauce, a few glugs of vodka, and you're done.

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RECIPE: Oaxacan Michelada

Maybe you've got one of those hangovers where the scent of liquor will make you gag. No worries dude, we've got you covered with this Bloody Mary-like, Mexican beer cocktail, the michelada. It is savory, cold, and refreshing. And because we love our readers, we even secured this recipe, which recently won a James Beard Award.


RECIPE: Bloody Masterpiece

But if these recipes feel like child's play to you, then behold the Bloody Mary Masterpiece, topped with a motherfucking cheeseburger, pickled sausage, shrimp, cheese, and pickled mushrooms, all impaled as a gargantuan garnish on top.