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Watch A Dreamworks Animator Turn His Son Into A Superhero With DIY Special Effects

Daniel Hashimoto expertly edits action into his young son's life. Think Nerf guns as grappling hooks.

Every parent believes his children are capable of anything, but most of these fantasies are limited to paltry goals like becoming a doctor or being elected President of the United States. Dreamworks animator Daniel Hashimoto had bigger dreams for his son James: the thrilling life of a 24/7 action movie hero.

Under the YouTube pseudonym 'Action Movie Kid,' Hashimoto transformed James' innocent playtime into adorable (and funny) action sequences. The young boy jack knifes deep into a puddle at the hardware store, uses his state of the art Nerf 'grappling gun,' wrecks a Toys 'R Us with a 'real' lightsaber, and blasts off into space from a fast food playground.


"Upon viewing the lightsaber and Iron Man videos," Hashimoto told us, "My son replied, 'What if I did that for real-sies, Dad?'" Heart-melting.

These short bursts of movie magic are also typical of creators like Vine artist Zach King, who cuts his Vines together with professional editing software to make the impossible possible (plus, of course, some serious magic skills). Hashimoto uses Adobe AfterEffects for his "new favorite hobby." You can see Hashimoto's public YouTube channel, the one not devoted to making his kid an action star, here.

We'd love to see what would happen if Action Movie Kid ever encountered Bat Dad, the Vine maestro who keeps Gotham safe from his Honda Odyssey.

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