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Bruising Become Vloggers in "I Don't Mind"

If you want your brooding pop song with a side of '100 layer's of make-up' tutorial then this is the place to be.

YouTube is a weird and wonderful place. One where you can watch reviews of seven different kinds of Oreos followed by 45 minutes of ASMR chiropractic adjustment followed by something else until suddenly it's 3am, your mouth is bone dry, and your recommended videos are a series of Kafkaesque nightmares. Leeds-based purveyors of melancholic pop, Bruising, have captured this in their new video for "I Don't Mind" but in a much more pleasant way.


Bruising, as you may recall, are excellent at writing brooding pop songs with chunky guitars, sick riffs and vocal melodies that are the sonic equivalent to drizzling honey onto yoghurt. Featuring each member doing things like giving extremely professional make-up tutorials and vlogging inside a shopping centre, the video was self directed by the band, with everyone filming and editing their own bits individually. "We felt it important to make a video that showcased our unique talents for storytelling and personal brands," they say.

Watch below.

"I Don't Mind" will be released on December 2 via Beech Coma. Also, if you like live music, you can catch Bruising doing that in the following locations:

Friday 4th November - DIY Presents at Fallow Cafe, Manchester
Saturday 3rd December - Fan Club at Rough Trade, Nottingham
Sunday 4th December - Hope and Ruin, Brighton
Monday 5th December - Picturehouse Social, Sheffield
Wednesday 7th December - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
Thursday 8th December - Think Tank, Newcastle
Friday 9th December - Roll For The Soul, Bristol
Sunday 11th December - The Blue Moon, Cambridge
Monday 12th December - The Shacklewell Arms, London

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