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Stockholm: Ragnar Persson's When Darkness Falls Opening Tomorrow

Have you already heard us go on and on about Ragnar Persson? Good. Because we're stoked about his work and have been for years, and the other day a sullen Ragnar moaned, "Not much is happening at the moment for me and my work," and we were like, "Um, you had a trillion shows last year and you're opening a show on Saturday at Stockholm's biggest culture institution!" Those with an insight in Swedish culture politics will know that a show at Kulturhuset--the huge building in the heart of Stockholm made of glass so everyone can look in, in true 70s "culture for everyone!" style--is a huge deal. We feel like proud parents and, in true parental manner, will not be angry but disappointed if you do not appear at Kulturhuset on Saturday at 2pm, kneeling in front of Ragnar's depictions of birds, horses, heavy metal, and teenage crushes. If you're not in Stockholm, you can worship some new works of his in this post.


Hi Ragnar, are you nervous?
I'm always nervous. I find walking into a room if there are people in it nerve-wracking, so you can imagine what waiting to open a show is like.

Weren't you supposed to never draw horses again? Or was that just something you said in the heat of the moment?
Um, well… I found all these unfinished horse sketches and felt obliged to finish them.

I see. What can we expect from the show?
It's called När Mörkret Faller (When Darkness Falls) and deals with what happens in the twilight hours, in between worlds. The wide drawing I sent you is the show's title piece and is about the strange stuff going on in the dark when everybody's sleeping. I drew it after visiting my uncle, who's an old addict living in a tent in the woods with his dogs. One of them is half-wolf, his mom had escaped to the Kokkola peak and mated with one. I've also made a two-meter-wide collage of failed sketches that, in hindsight, feel like the best stuff I've made. I guess sketches and twilight sum up the show pretty well.

How come you STILL don't have a website?
But I do! []

That's not a website, there's nothing on it.
It starts with "www", so you can't argue with it being a site.

I guess we'll just have to continue with these online features of your work then.