These Crispy Chicken Fingers Put Nuggets to Shame

These Crispy Chicken Fingers Put Nuggets to Shame

It's all about the herbed-up, cornflake-crispy coating.

Nice pecs.

No, you don't look like you've been working out. But if you've made it here, you're bound to have some mighty fine pectoral muscles in the form of crispy, perfectly seasoned chicken breast meat. See, despite being called "fingers," those breaded strips of chicken that we've come to know and love as a staple of sports-bar snacking certainly don't come from the phalanges of birds.

Unlike nuggets, which can be loaded with fat, connective tissue, and all other kinds of leftover chicken meat scraps, chicken fingers are all breast; chew on that.

This recipe suits up your fingers (or tenders, if you prefer that term) in a crunchy coating made with Dijon mustard, eight spices and herbs, and cornflakes for extra crispiness.

RECIPE: Crispy Chicken Fingers

Just make sure to mention that you've been working on your pecs when you serve them to your friends. Guaranteed knee-slapper, you guys.