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Smallville Superstar STL's Got Us 'Mind Puzzlin' On This Exclusive New Cut

We've got both the audio and the video for this impeccably beguiling number inside...
August 12, 2015, 3:45pm

Stephan Laubner's always been one for the heads. His material as STL — released on the likes of Perlon, Echochord, and Smallville — is an experiment in the perpetual powers of repetition and minimalism. Tracks like "Lost in Brown Eyes" and "Silent State" are masterclasses in restraint on the dancefloor. Laubner crafts these microworlds, these tiny, perfectly formed mechanisms like it was the easiest thing in the world.


We're delighted that he's back as STL with a brand new EP on Mutual Friend Recordings. Listen Up! is a top notch four tracker that skips between downbeat pastoralism, tracky tech-workouts and dusty deep house. It culminates in the beguiling, trippy "Mind Puzzlin" which lives up to it's title. We're delighted to bring you the exclusive premier of that track here on THUMP. Check it out below and get a little lost at your desk.

We've also got the video streaming here as well for those of you who prefer your tunes with a side order of visuals. It's quite something…business men sip coffees endlessly, blokes cross bridges, bedrooms get looked around. It feels like sitting in a very warm bath on a cold evening and who doesn't like that? Nearly as comforting as a bag of Murray Mints.

STL's 'Listen Up!' EP is out on Mutual Friends Recordings 5th October 2015.