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Manchester Collective Levelz Kidnapped Elastic Artists' Creative Director and Now They've Hacked Their Socials

It seems like a dispute over alleged non-payments has been taking to the next...level.

UPDATE: It seems that demands haven't been met, yet, and as such the Levelz lads and lasses have decided to take even more action. This time round, they've decided to do the done thing in the 10s and have hacked the Elastic Artists' social media accounts. Twitter's been taken, so's Instagram, even Facebook, the daddy of them all, seems to have taken a battering. This video was posted from the Elastic Artists' account last night. It's somehow even bleaker than the first one, so viewer discretion is advised.


It seems like this one's gonna keep rumbling on till someone gets paid.


Now, you probably weren't expecting to read about an alleged kidnapping on THUMP this evening. There you were, tea in the oven, feet on the sofia, iPad on your lap, a DJ Richard mix blaring away in the background, a few scented candles melting away, creating the illusion of a night down the Sub Club, all ready to catch up on the antics of all your favourite artists in clubland. Now you're reading about a kidnapping that's apparently taken place in Manchester. Funny old world, isn't it?

It seems that in a dispute over non-payment of artists, Manchester music collective Levelz —home to the likes of Chimpo, Chunky, and Skittles— claim to have taken Elastic Artists' creative director Rich Reason hostage. It's been reported that Elastic Artists are "currently experiencing financial difficulties which have meant we are unable to release monies to clients for shows that have already taken place." Levelz clearly want their money. Crew associate Madam X tells THUMP that, "if our demands aren't met in 24 hrs & the money to all the artists aren't paid, we have another trick up our sleeve…"

Given that the first step seems pretty terrifying to us, we dread to think what's next. Check out the video they've posted below. As a warning, this one's not for the faint hearted.