Get Fancy at San Francisco's 19 Best Fine Dining Establishments


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Get Fancy at San Francisco's 19 Best Fine Dining Establishments

If you have an appetite for fancy food and a credit to match, then we’ve got the restaurant list for you.

San Francisco is known as one of the most expensive cities in North America, and it's not just the real estate.

If you have an appetite for fancy food and a few bucks to spare, then we've got the restaurant list for you. This is definitely the most decadent section of our MUNCHIES Guide to San Francisco, but we made sure to include spots that have sophisticated vibes, but not-bank-account-busting menus. There are a few that will surely send you into triple-digit territory, but we can attest that they're well worth it.


From New Nordic and molecular gastronomy to high-end pizza and Michelin-level seafood, it's all here. Just make sure to have a bit of money left to see the rest of what San Francisco has to offer.

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Commonwealth: Owned by Anthony Myint, one of the founders of Mission Burger and Danny Bowien's accomplice at Mission Chinese Food, Commonwealth takes cues from New Nordic cuisine and molecular gastronomy while keeping things un-stuffy and pretty damn affordable (à la carte dishes are all $20 or under, and the 6-course tasting menu is $80).


Petit Crenn: At Dominique Crenn's newest venture, a neighborhood restaurant inspired by her mother and grandmother (aww), you'll find Crenn'ed out versions of French onion soup, croque madames, and other classics from her homeland. (If your rich aunt is paying, hop over to her flagship "poetic culinaria" Atelier Crenn, too.)


Delfina: An SF mainstay for Neapolitan-style pizza, Delfina is always super busy, but when the craving strikes for one of their perfect pies, there is no substitute.


Bellota: Wish you could afford a vacation to Spain but short on dough? Visit Bellota for charcutería, paella, tapas, and big ol' meat dishes right off the plancha. If you can sneak out of work early, they do a solid tapas happy hour from 4 to 5:30 PM. Plus, all the wines are Spanish.


A16: If you find yourself flossing it up in Pacific Heights or the Marina, stop by A16 to feel fancy by splitting a pizza, a bottle of wine, and a heaping plate of pasta from their Southern Italian menu. Is there more to life than perfect gnocchi? Probably not.


SPQR: This Michelin-starred, Lower Pac Heights nouveau Italian spot will make you love pasta again, but isn't afraid to get weird (i.e. Meyer lemon linguini with abalone "alfredo" or pretzel panzanella with charred eggplant and uni).


Coi: Previously run by Michelin-starred chef Daniel Patterson, this fancy tasting menu spot specializing in seafood is now the playground of Chicago chef Matthew Kirkley. The menu changes nightly and is only served Thursday through Monday. Go with an open mind, an open wallet, and a reservation.


Nopa: This beloved San Francisco restaurant with a rustic, high-ceilings vibe is open late, so you can even feast on their legendary roast chicken, beloved burger, or incredible cocktails after midnight on a Tuesday. Squeeze in at the bar and make nice with the bartender—they treat friends well.

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