Pitch-Invading Cat Evades Everton Keeper

Robles needs to work on his cat-like reflexes.
January 9, 2016, 5:44pm

#Everton keeper fails to catch #cat "sign him up" purr the @Dag_RedFC fans #FACup
— dickie felton (@DickieFelton) January 9, 2016

If a cat invades the field, and it's not wearing any clothes, can you certifiably call it a streaker? I'd say definitely. In any event—streaker or not—a cat made its way onto the pitch in today's third round FA Cup match between Everton and Dagenham & Redbridge, and not even Everton keeper Joel Robles could save it.

The cat appears to be super nonchalant about the whole thing—and why not? It's just grass, which belongs to nature more than anything—and Robles came to unsettle its chill. While trying to sneak up behind the elusive feline, Robles gets mere inches away before the cat makes a dash past the back line. For a second there, it nearly went for goal.

Yes, nature won out, my friends, as the cat scurried away—likely to feast on a bouquet of rats, who in turn likely feasted on whatever fare Goodison Park was serving up today. Even though Robles held Dag & Red scoreless in Everton's 2-0 victory, it seems that he needs to work on his own cat-like reflexes before he can make a save like that.

[h/t 101 Great Goals]