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Life's a Movie in This Virtual Reality Point-and-Click Video Game

Point and click games were made for virtual reality.
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Remember those point-and-click adventure games that dominated Shockwave, 2Dgames, AddictingGames and the other free gaming sites that defined the Flash animation era of the internet? Endtimes Studio, a team that includes former Blizzard Entertainment and TakeOne Studio designers, is bringing them back with a hi-def, Unreal Engine 4-powered makeover in their work-in-progress game Plugged, which launched on Kickstarter earlier this week. The results? It's practically like real life! Players click, drag, and investigate their way through Plugged's noirish, often surreal, always fully interactive rooms and alleyways. You can open drawers, read books, smash glasses, and even send and receive text messages.


As in real life, the different places you go, puzzles you solve, and choices you make all affect the game's outcome. "For example, the first decision you have to make is to choose between going to an interview for a job you need, and your wife doesn’t fail to kindly remind you of it, and a hotel rendezvous with your highschool sweetheart," Endtimes writes on Kickstarter. "However, you can always go back and try out a different path and see where it will take you." All of this is designed optimally for virtual reality, so you can examine every cinematic beam of light, broken shard of glass, and sexy handwritten note almost with your own eyes.

At press time, the crowdfunding campaign has raised about $2,500 of its May 30, $30,370 goal. Visit Plugged on Kickstarter for more, and to add your support to building this game of choice and chance.


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