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Best GTA Mod Ever? The 'Star Wars' Stunt-Speeder

Now you can drive a Star Wars landspeeder—and a freaking IMPERIAL STAR DESTROYER—through Los Santos.
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We're not sure exactly how Grand Theft Auto became the wunderkind of machinima and gaming art, but with the Star Wars landspeeder mod that's swept YouTube, we've never been happier. YouTube gaming celebs NoahJ456 and TwoDynamic in particular have aced the mod game, launching the gravity-defying vehicle off mega jumps and something called a "pretzel ramp," both of which art glorious. If that's not enough, it seems that you can also use Star Wars blasters and pilot a massive Imperial Star Destroyer through the Los Santos sky.


Watch the full videos here:

See more of TwoDynamic's and NoahJ456's videos on YouTube.


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