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Now You Can Play a Giant Game of 'Snake' on the Fountains of London

You can now play the classic mobile game IRL at the Granary Square fountains in London's King's Cross.
March 11, 2015, 1:30pm

GIF by author. Courtesy YouTube

In a time pre-smartphone, long before there was a plethora of mobile gaming to choose from, there was the Nokia 3210 and there was Snake. Snake was the insanely addictive preloaded game for the Nokia handset where users had to control a pixelated snake, avoiding obstacles as your tail grew longer as you progressed through the game. The longer you played the longer the tail grew. Halycon days.


Now you can play the game off-screen and on-fountain using the Granary Squirt app. The app lets you control 1,080 jets at the Granary Square fountains in Kings Cross, London, with up to eight people able to play the game taking control of a line of jets as you make your way across the fountains, being careful to dodge the sides, any others snakes, and, of course, don't run into your own tail as it grows.

It's the first in a series of games developed by The Fountain Workshop which will be released through the app and playable on the fountains.

You can check out the fountain in action in Time Out London's video, below.

Via Time Out London