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Watch This Teen Casually Break a Rubik’s Cube World Record

But the record isn’t in the books quite yet.

This Saturday a 14-year-old Lucas Etter appears to have broke the standing world record for the fastest Rubik's Cube solution in Clarksville, Maryland—4.904 seconds. Casually. He kind of just stared at it for a second with just one person watching and then just did it. Then all the boys around him just lost their shit ("WHAT ARE THOOOOSE?").

This is a mere seven months later and .35 seconds faster than the last record-breaking speedcubing, which took place in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Since Etter's results have yet to be verified by the World Cube Association, the official arbitrators of world Rubik's Cube competitions, you won't see him on the official rankings yet.

Either way, it's likely see his record toppled again soon enough. FiveThirtyEight reports that Rubik's Cube records have been smashed over and over within the past few years.

Speedcubing, which started as a competition in 1985, started records off at 22.95 seconds, but after it came back in 2003 after a long hiatus, various named methods developed and refined over the years—the Salvia method, the Fridrich method, and so on—allowed for solvers to bring their times closer and closer to zero.

So Etter's victory might just be short lived. That reaction, though, will probably stay in my books.