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Evian Christ's Trance Party IV Website is the Best Thing You'll See All Week

Another absolute smasher from Christ and his collaborator David Rudnick's got us salivating all over our laptops.

We told you that Evian Christ and David Rudnick made a good pair, didn't we? The deadly duo are back with what's undoubtedly the sickest website that's ever been made to ostensibly promote three club nights. Their portal, created ahead of the upcoming Trance Party Four event, is a feast for the senses. The party looks great too, but we'll come to that shortly.

The user rolls on to and is immediately confronted by Rudnick's surely-already-iconic Gatecrasher-interpolating logo for the event. Digital confetti drips down the screen. Acid-fried future-trance blares out. A warped voice reads through the bill before adding, "Liverpool…nice one. London…top one. Sheffield…get sorted." You scroll down and are confronted by the most gorgeous faux-CD you've ever seen. Rudnick is on absolute fire at the moment and we reckon everyone else who tools around on inDesign has decided to chuck their Macbook in the nearest wheelie bin. The whole thing is audio-visual heaven.

Oh yeah, that line-up. Just look at it. Altern8! Total Freedom! Lorenzo Senni! Venus X! If the night's half as good as the website it'll probably be the best thing you go to all year.

We got really excited and booked tickets for all three events and you can do the same here.