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Lxury's Cassette Only Mix Is Warped, Weird and Wonderful

C-30, C-60, C-90 go with this brilliant mix from the Greco Roman producer.

Greco-Roman's Lxury's been impressing us a producer for a few years now. We like the cut of his jib. We also really really liked it when he got in touch and asked us if could record a mix for us. We liked it even more when he told us that it was going to be a special mix, comprised of rips from some of the super rare cassettes he's found over the years.

Given that we've not been in any kind of contact with a cassette since our dad's old Mondeo finally gave up the ghost and said goodbye to all those old Datsuns' album tape rips, this was the kind of proposal we couldn't turn down. So we're glad we didn't.


The resulting mix is a brilliant blend of churchy deep house, aquatic downbeat, super gritty avant-funk and lots more. Tuck in below.

Lxury's Cassette Only Guest Mix by Thump on Mixcloud


Young Montana x S Maharba - Pineapple
Lukiss - Untitled 20150122
V.O.X - Get Down On
JABES - Hooch
J. Albert - Are You In
MATTLACK - Oneinamil Edit
Tensta Tapeklubb - 163 Edit
Reality Check - Angst

If you're into this, why not check out the track Lxury recorded with man of the moment LA Priest, right here?

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