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Next Hype: Lucid

Pelican Fly dude tells us about his new EP and his Internet friends.
July 16, 2013, 1:31am

It's been about five months since we've heard new jams from Pelican Fly's funny guy. Lucid, whose friends sometimes call him Lucy, is one of those dudes that lives really far away (in Melbourne) and relies on the Internet to collaborate with other artists and communicate with friends and fans across the continents. While a lot of his stuff isn't exactly dancefloor material, it is deep, dark, humorous, and starts to make a lot of sense after you have a conversation with him. Spend some time perusing his Soundcloud after you read this and it'll all come together for you. Promise.


Where are you from?
Melbourne, Australia.

How old are you?

One line about your hometown?
Boring but nice.

What did the first ever track you made sound like and what was it inspired by?
It was a very strange rap/fidget instrumental track. It was really odd. It had no structure nor did it make sense. I still remember everything about that song; it was back when Crookers were the "in" thing, and obviously rap music had been a big part of my childhood, so a lot of inspiration had come from there. I remember I had downloaded two 808 sample packs as my first ever samples. That song was wack.

Where did you come up with your name?
By accident. I had a friend who used to piece (graffiti) and he went under the name Lucid. When I started my Myspace all those years ago I decided to call myself Lucid pretty much by default, 'cause i couldn't think of anything. I only meant to use it temporarily. I do regret it somewhat though, considering how common the word "lucid" is, but i think it suits me—also people get to call me Lucy.

What labels do you record for?
Pelican Fly.

Who is your best friend that also does music and what are they like?
I really have too many. The majority of them are Internet friends, but I would have to say Sam Tiba. We have known each other for maybe three or four years now, and we speak nearly everyday, whether it's talking about music or making fun of people, or each other. We seem to have a good understanding of each other; we tend to like the same music as well which is a big part of the friendship. He has always helped me with my own music as well. I would say Bosstone as well but all he does is just sends me photos of his penis. I could name many others, but they know who they are.


Other than a club or a house, whats the best environment to hear your music?
In a dark cave or a moon rave. I think listening to my music in a strange, mystical place would be an experience… with strobe lights.

What is your favorite sound right now?
I really dont know. In the last six months I've only been listening to rap and R&B. Dance music has been so dry.

Name three non-musical inspirations.
Food, video games, myself.

Who is one up-and-coming artist you think we should look out for and why?
I would have to say Samename. He is still very young, but really talented; his take on grime is something different. He tends to overproduce his music, and it's very complex, which is something I really love. Putting his own touch on grime is a really nice change and something fresh to the ears.

What's next for you?
I've spent a good part of this year working on a new EP. It's been a while since I released an EP, but this one is going to be alot more straightforward and clubby. I'm really excited about this release.