In Pursuit of Sunshower Rainbows and Cascading Waterfalls

In Pursuit of Sunshower Rainbows and Cascading Waterfalls

"I stopped to ask them for directions and we ended up talking about life."
January 27, 2017, 7:18pm

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Lizzie Alexandra is an art director and an award-winning photographer. Originally hailing from Melbourne, she's spent the past four years living and working in Brooklyn on a variety of fashion, film and fine art projects. Not confined to one medium, she's been behind the lens on feature films and documentaries, music videos, commercials and print campaigns.


During her seemingly endless travels across the US and Australia for work, she's been documenting private moments behind the scenes and on road trips in-between for her own archive. This selection of shots, taken on 35mm over various summers, are some of Lizzie's favourites. Journeying from remote desert landscapes and isolated open roads, to mineral springs and alligator-infested rivers.

I met Elmo and his friend along a highway in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in northern Arizona. For some reason we didn't have GPS, instead we were navigating with a gas station map. I stopped to ask them for directions and we ended up talking about life. They'd been riding their bikes across the south west for the past six months, sleeping out of a swag and didn't have any plans to head home anytime soon.

My friend has a wild place in Encino where we hang when we're in town at the same time. This day also featured some guys from Austin who had convoyed out to California to make the most of the jacuzzi.

People baking by the mud pools in Ojo Caliente, New Mexico. By far one of my favourite mineral springs. After working on a documentary, we road-tripped here and spent a couple of days chilling.

One of my favourite swimming holes in Victoria, where there's always sunshower rainbows and cascading waterfalls to slide down and soak in.

Every summer in New York, my friends and I have a spot in the Harriman State Park we go camping at. You basically park on the side of the road then hike through the forest for 45 minutes, eventually getting to an open lake. The camp site is so remote you rarely have any other human contact besides hearing distant conversations echoing across the lake. The water remains warm into the evening.

Late afternoon sun beginning to set over the open road in southern Utah. I was driving back from the northern tip of Lake Powell where I'd been shooting my photo series, Finding Home.

Sunny coast sunbaking in Queensland.

I was working out of LA with a week off between gigs, so I jumped on a last minute flight to meet friends in Cartagena, Colombia then drove five hours north to the Palomino Coastline. After hearing about a resort that had been abandoned years before, but where a local man still tends to the pool everyday, we trekked a couple of miles down the beach, then crossed a small river filled with caiman using a pully raft and explored. A few locals had set up by the pool selling tinnies out of an esky. We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming, before hitching a ride along the beach in a Jeep with a group of new friends.

Building a temporary fence to keep the cows out while shooting at an abandoned farmhouse in Gippsland. The cows broke through the fence and silently crept up on us after the sun had gone down and we were posing in a mud pit.

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This article is presented by Weis