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A Judge Called a Racist a Cunt in Court

To be fair to her, she wasn't wrong.
August 10, 2016, 5:35pm

A gavel. (via)

A very blue exchange occurred in Chelmsford Crown Court between a judge and a big fat racist on Tuesday, as judge Patricia Lynch QC sentenced defendant John Hennigan to 18 months in jail for racially abusing a Caribbean woman.

Hennigan, who looks a bit like every racist football firm movie extra was melted into one gigantic mega-prick, or the final boss in a video game about corpulent anti-Semites, has 23 convictions for 47 offences, mostly for being a racist shithouse.

After the sentence was handed down, Hennigan told the judge that she was "a bit of a cunt", to which the QC replied: "You're a bit of a cunt yourself. Being offensive to me doesn't help." It would have been better without the second sentence but it's still pretty good for a judge. Hennigan then told her: "Go fuck yourself". "You too," she replied.

After the heated exchange, Hennigan banged on the glass of his stand, sieg heiled twice and sang a ditty about gassing Jews. The judge mocked Hennigan's actions by saying: "We're all very impressed. Take him down."

Though some may chide the judge for unprofessionalism, it's difficult to see the problem, not out of a sense of righteousness, but through a sense of defending the facts. Hennigan confronts mothers who have young children present. He has to be court-ordered not to be racist in public. The guy is clearly a cunt. Let the records show it in perpetuity throughout the universe.


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