Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius, September 2023

Welcome to Virgo season, dear Aquarius! 

Money is a major theme for you during Virgo season, and you may be settling a debt or working out a financial issue with a partner. Virgo is all about clarity and organization, so if your bills are stacked in a messy pile, it might finally be time to take care of business! 

Venus retrograde ends in Leo on September 3, marking forward momentum in your relationships. Over the last few weeks, you may have learned a lot about who you want in your life and what you want your relationships to look like, and as Venus moves forward, a new cycle begins in your partnerships. You could be meeting someone new, or beginning a new chapter in an existing relationship. 


Mercury retrograde in Virgo aligns with Jupiter in Taurus on September 4, finding you thinking back to exciting plans and discussions that took place on August 9. Big news is shared, and the mood is generally optimistic and open-minded, even if things are moving a little more slowly thanks to the retrograde. Jupiter also begins its retrograde in Taurus on September 4, which can find you reimagining how to organize things at home. You might also find yourself feeling especially nostalgic, perhaps reconnecting with the past.

The sun meets Mercury retrograde on September 6, bringing an important realization about the intersection of money and relationships. New information can help you process the past in some way. The sun aligns with Jupiter on September 8, inspiring emotionally expansion and finding you feeling liberated from the past and ready to explore new opportunities. A fresh start arrives during the new moon in Virgo on September 14, and you might gain a clean slate in your finances or find a new approach to share your life with someone. There’s a clean break from the past. 


Mercury retrograde ends and the sun aligns with your ruling planet Uranus in Taurus on September 15, which, along with the new moon, marks forward momentum in conversations about money or partnership. A powerful emotional breakthrough can take place. The sun symbolizes ego, and Uranus is the planet of genius, innovation, and surprise, so their harmonious alignment might spell unexpected transformation. An exciting upgrade could take place at home or in your personal life. Mercury retrograde’s end finds conversations moving along at a quicker pace, and by the time Mercury clears its post-retrograde shadow on September 30, new topics are up for discussion.

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Venus squares off with Jupiter on September 17, which might find you thinking back to August 22. Venus is all about pleasure and harmony, and Jupiter is the planet of abundance: Their square might be plenty of fun, but be careful not to overindulge! You could be getting a second chance at something special at this time. You’re wiser now, and have a better sense of what you want and how to get it.

The sun opposes Neptune in Pisces on September 19, stirring laziness or shadiness in some people. Misunderstandings, confusion, or carelessness with personal belongings or money could be something to watch. Keep your boundaries firm, mind your spending, and don’t let your imagination run away from you! It’s important to stay grounded at this time. Patience is key during this astrological transit: The more time you take to reflect on something, the more information can emerge, ultimately helping you make a better decision.


The sun aligns with Pluto in Capricorn on September 21, which could bring an a-ha moment in a dream or during meditation. A powerful realization about the past might make a big impact on your present. You’re breaking out of an old pattern and new opportunities arise as Libra season begins on September 23—happy equinox! With the sun’s alignment with Pluto, and the sun in Libra, new horizons are opening up for you. Exciting travel plans might be in the works. Great progress can be made toward school work or ideas you’re hoping to publish. 

Mercury connects with Jupiter on September 25, which might find you thinking back to September 4 and August 9. The mood is jovial, chatty, social, and easygoing. Huge plans may have been discussed over the last few weeks, but big ideas naturally need to be reworked a couple times. Your home, family, money, and security are highlighted themes at this moment.

The full moon in Aries takes place on September 29, bring a climax to a conversation. A choice could be made—which is quite exciting during Libra season, a time that’s famous for indecision! New information may surface, new perspectives shared. This is an exciting opportunity to share your feelings or learn more about what someone else thinks.

Also during this full moon, Venus squares off with Uranus, perhaps finding you thinking back to August 9—something thrilling might be revisited! Your tastes and desires have shifted and you can explore novel pleasures. You and your partners may be playing with new paradigms. If you’re in a relationship with someone who is controlling or stuck in the past, this might be the time to confront these issues. Mercury aligns with Uranus on September 30, inspiring a communication breakthrough and perhaps bringing unexpected news. 

Good luck this month, Aquarius, and see you in October!