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Aquarius Compatibility With Every Zodiac Sign

Everything you need to know about relationship compatibility with Aquarius.

Aquarius is the sign of social order and community. In modern astrology, Aquarius has earned the “rebel” stereotype, but this is because they consider every person in a network, especially those on the outskirts of society. Aquarius can sometimes be politically conservative, but whatever their ideas, Aquarius is strongly convicted of them!

In any relationship, Aquarius looks for someone who is warm, charismatic, generous, and even part of the status quo. Anyone who is popular or can light up a room will make a great pair with Aquarius. If you’re trying to win an Aquarius’s heart, be silly! Don’t be afraid to change your mind, make sure any silence is thoughtful, and definitely flex your intellectual side.


Aquarius compatibility with Aquarius

It’s always an adventure with you. But you probably end up laughing in the car for 30 minutes before realizing you haven’t started driving. You’re time travelers; visitors from sometime in the future. But in case of a cross-connection: be honest, forgive; with time and space, you can leave it behind.

Both of you like to keep it light and flirtatious, but this is a complex relationship with many sides to it. Communication between you is affectionate, warm, passionate, and direct. Both need to feel safe enough to trust, to open up and speak their heart and mind. Let your actions follow your words and this love can grow, with each passing day and moment.

You’re futuristic, visionaries, with no dearth of creativity. Your ability to hold two opposing ideas at the same time makes you geniuses. But you also have a common singular objective – to create meaningful change. You may move through many professional avatars – but your mission is of transformation and evolution, even if that means a revolution.

Aquarius compatibility with Pisces

You’re both dreamers; learn a lot from each other and this friendship. Aquarius is a generous friend, and dares Pisces to dream bigger. Pisces inspires Aquarius with what’s possible when one dares to dream. If you butt heads, Aquarius can learn to listen better, and Pisces can learn to be more vocal. Your friendship is bigger than this.

Pisces is poetic, magical, and draws you into a dream state. Aquarius shimmers like a field of glow-worms on midsummer’s eve. You’re both affectionate, but also have strong opinions. Aquarius talks and thinks fast; Pisces likes to chew on things. This love heals like a walk on the beach, and the balmy ocean breeze.


You’re both infinitely creative and dream of a better world. Both are well connected, and have a knack of attracting opportunities serendipitously. Aquarius connects the dots; Pisces fills in the colors. Together your work moves beyond boundaries to create real change, making the world a kinder, and safer place.

Aquarius compatibility with Aries

This friendship makes for many whacky memories – like the time you went out for ice-cream and ended up in Kansas. Neither is afraid to stand out in a crowd. But if you sense distance – remember to have a friend, you have to be a friend. As long as there’s freedom for you to grow, your friendship can too.

Aries’ natural boldness attracts Aquarius like a moth to a flame. Aquarius keeps Aries guessing and never bored. You have good communication, but both could learn to speak from the heart rather try to rationalize love, or be reactive. Your love is as true and good as it looks, and is worth twice its weight in gold.

Aquarius inspires and sparks Aries imagination, and Aries knows how to run with Aquarius genius ideas and take them to the next level. This is like sharpening knives. But underneath your brilliance you’re humanitarians at heart, and care deeply about this world. Enough to create the kind of revolution and change, few dare dream of.

Aquarius compatibility with Taurus

Aquarius could show up to dinner with pencils sticking out of their ears, Taurus will hug them and proceed to order food without flinching. Aquarius values Taurus’ non-judgmental acceptance. Taurus appreciates Aquarius realness – however weird. If things get stormy, let things blow over and the dust settle. Soon you can laugh about it.

Taurus grounds and brings Aquarius back to earth. Aquarius shakes Taurus out of their rut. Both like knowing where they stand, and with each other they do. When it comes to communication, Aquarius is a straight shooter; Taurus is emotionally expressive, at best. This is a deep-rooted love that feels like home, shines like fireworks.


Aquarius is a genius, ahead of their time. Taurus builds a solid foundation, has skills, is resourceful, and knows how to showcase Aquarius’ genius. You’re a perfect combination of brains and brawn. The work you do is likely to be revolutionary, with the power to inspire, change, liberate, and uplift humanity.

Aquarius compatibility with Gemini

You fire each other up; laughing, racing around a mile a minute, with heated discussions about world affairs. Aquarius inspires Gemini; Gemini draws Aquarius out of their comfort zone. If there’s friction, you can work it out. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

Gemini’s combination of beauty and brains, are a real turn on for Aquarius. Aquarius is full of surprises, and speaks Gemini’s love language. Communication between you is spontaneous, affectionate, and loving; but also direct and passionate, with heated discussions. Your love is like a diamond; precious, rare, with many facets.

Gemini sparks Aquarius creativity, and Aquarius inspires Gemini to reach for the stars. Both of you are extremely sharp, intelligent, social, and tech savvy – with a deep desire to create change in the world. You could create beautiful music together (literally or figuratively) that touches souls and changes lives.

Aquarius compatibility with Cancer

Once something sets you two off, you can laugh till your stomachs hurt. Both care deeply about the world, and can learn a lot from each other. Cancer learns to be more detached, and Aquarius learns to be more sensitive. If you find yourself at odds, be patient and give each other, and your friendship, space to grow.

Aquarius says things that make Cancer blush; and Cancer’s sweet sensitivity is what Aquarius needs after a rough day. Communication here can be affectionate and tender; but if you’re in a bad mood – be gentle. There’s a deep almost unbreakable bond between you that touches both heart and soul.


Aquarius has genius ideas ahead of their time; but there’s at least one idea whose time has come. Cancer sees its value, knows how to get the word out, and get people’s attention. Together you can create work that empowers individuals and changes lives, one person at a time.

Aquarius compatibility with Leo

As far as best friends go – you’ve got it covered.  You’re both up for adventure and laughs, and not afraid to tell it like it is. It’s natural you will have differences of opinion; but it needn’t become a big deal. Lower your defenses; have a heart to heart, and you can move past them.

Leo’s bold passion and spontaneity, turns Aquarius on. Aquarius is full of surprises, and keeps Leo guessing. When it comes to communication there’s plenty romance and passion here. But Leo can learn to be more direct from Aquarius; Aquarius could learn the art of subtlety from Leo. Anyway you slice it, this is a match made in heaven.

You are both shining stars in your own right. You have opposing rhythms but as long as you’re in tune with your values, this partnership has limitless tangible and intangible potential. Together you can create real change in this world; that helps in the evolution of humanity.

Aquarius compatibility with Virgo

Aquarius’ outlandish humor makes Virgo feel like a kid again. Virgo’s gentle jokes are refreshing, soothing, and healing to Aquarius. If you get your wires crossed, Aquarius can learn to be more patient and sensitive; Virgo can learn to give things space to heal. Time heals all wounds.

Aquarius’s intelligence turns Virgo on. Virgo’s combination of beauty and brains makes Aquarius lose control. Conversations between you are sharp, direct, passionate, and often straight to the point. This love takes you to new heights; and feels like the warm sun and cool breeze, on a mountaintop.


You’re both geniuses in and together you can cut through any problem to see the solution. Aquarius has a futuristic vision. Virgo knows how to create it into a reality. Together you could invent, create, or do work – that’s not just revolutionary, but opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities.

Aquarius compatibility with Libra

Libra’s witty sarcasm makes Aquarius howl; Aquarius draws Libra out of their comfort zone. Both love trying new things, and in each other you have the perfect buddy. If there’s a misunderstanding: rather than avoid an issue, get angry, or disconnect; give it a little space – find balance and perspective, then you can talk it out. Be kind and no one gets hurt.

When Aquarius flirts it could go either way - they’re either tongue tied – or not afraid to make a fool of themself to get attention. Libra plays it cool, but Aquarius gives them butterflies. You’re both fiery when it comes to your communication – Aquarius is direct, Libra can tend to take the long way to a conclusion.

You’re professional shape-shifters. You dive easily into different roles, inspire, and sharpen each other creatively. Together you could create or invent something that creates necessary change, or revolutionizes something that is familiar. Social change is important to both of you and reflects in your work.


Aquarius compatibility with Scorpio

Aquarius loves making Scorpio laugh, and Aquarius can really unwind with Scorpio around. Together you’ve likely shared more than one unexpected midnight adventure. If there’s a misunderstanding – space, patience, perspective, and forgiveness, goes a long way. You can work it out.

Scorpio is seductive, magnetic, and mystifying; Aquarius is sparklingly witty, and knows just what to say to get attention. Your communication styles are different – Scorpio is strong and silent; Aquarius is direct and gets to the point. But there’s enough love here to bring you twice the joy and happiness you could fathom.

Aquarius is a creative genius, and ahead of the curve; Scorpio is resourceful, with a brain for business. Together you have to power to revolutionize your industry, ushering in a brave new world. Or create something that raises awareness, and helps in the evolution of the collective consciousness.

Aquarius compatibility with Sagittarius

Aquarius is funny, accepting, and kind; the kind of friend everyone loves. But Sagittarius is the friend Aquarius loves to have – non-judgmental, wise, compassionate, and hilarious. Life is an adventure for you both. If you find yourself at a crossroads, remember: we’re all on our own journey but with a true friend, you’re never alone.

When Sagittarius and Aquarius meet, sparks fly. Sagittarius is notoriously hard to get – but Aquarius has their attention. Aquarius too loves their freedom; but with Sagittarius you feel loved, accepted, and free to be you. You speak each other’s language, and together this relationship is a wide open road.


You’re both brilliant, sharp, and have a futuristic vision. You’re also both humanitarians at heart with a lot to offer the world. Together you could create something that heals, improves lives, brings about necessary evolution. Maybe a service or an app that revolutionizes the health food industry, by changing how people eat.

Aquarius compatibility with Capricorn

You share a strong and silent bond. Aquarius helps Capricorn lighten and loosen up; Capricorn grounds Aquarius in the face of the unknown. Both of you care about your community and want to create positive change. This friendship is a journey with changing scenery. Respect each other’s space and boundaries, and it can be a smooth ride. 

Capricorn is a sophisticated and sensual lover. Aquarius’ is cerebral, spontaneous, and full of surprises. Capricorn is an imaginative and gentle communicator; Aquarius is sharp and quick, and conversations can get steamy hot. Your relationship has its cycles – but day or night, your love is constant, and shines.

 Aquarius has brilliant ideas and knows all the right people. Capricorn has the resources to back up Aquarius’ genius and capitalize it. You’re both humanitarians at heart – and your work together is a prime example of the change that is possible ….when people join forces towards a common goal of peace

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