People (Try To) Recall Their Wildest Drunk Moments

“They asked for our IDs, but none of us had them because we barely even had clothes on, so we all gave fake names as the guards put them down on their blacklist.”
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Someone hand me the Hydrite. Photo: Julia Larson, Pexels

Alcohol has a tendency to blur our recollection. But it can also help make some of the most unforgettable memories—whether we have to piece together those memories ourselves or have someone recount them for us. 

These drunken experiences may not be so pleasant in the moment. And let’s not even talk about the hangover. But one thing’s for sure—when enough time has passed, it gets easier to laugh about them. That’s why VICE asked people what their most memorable—or not—drunk stories are, so we can all laugh together. 


“Some kind of Naruto chakra possessed me”

It was one of those mindless summer days during college when I didn't have anything better to do. I planned to drink with a couple of my friends at night, but before going, I decided to marathon Naruto, a Japanese anime series. I finished the whole arc of Naruto fighting Sasuke for the first time before heading out. All the fight scenes got me hyped. So, when we were all buzzed that night, some kind of Naruto chakra (energy) seemed to have possessed me. Apparently, I kept challenging some invisible person to a fight while yelling "IKUZO!!!! YABEROOOO!!!" for a good 20 to 30 minutes. I only found out because my friends filmed me, while snickering their asses off. Anonymous

“The guards sent a letter to his parents the next day”

My favorite drunk story is when I and ten other dudes went doorbell ditching around my friend’s village. A few of us had doorbell ditched before, but in other villages and only in groups of two or three. So that night, we got drunk enough to go doorbell ditching as a huge group, and, for some reason, we all agreed to someone’s suggestion that we should do it without our shirts on. We probably hit two streets before the guards came chasing us on motorcycles. Some of us were caught on that first wave. The rest of us were hiding behind bushes in front of random people’s homes. My friend, who lived in that village, managed to make it back home before getting caught. 

The guards eventually found us and brought us to the village prison, which was really just a plain-ass room with a TV. They were playing Dark Knight. They asked for our IDs, but none of us had them because we barely even had clothes on, so we all gave fake names as the guards put them down on their blacklist. We couldn’t leave the prison until they identified who the homeowner was, so my friend had to pick us up and take all the blame. The guards sent a letter to his parents the next day. Paolo Sevilla, 32


“I projectile vomited towards the toilet” 

I was with my officemates for a going-away party at a local bar. I got drunk, waited in a queue for the bathroom and, the moment the door opened, I projectile vomited towards the toilet. Unfortunately, my vomit didn’t make it to the toilet. But, thankfully, it missed the dude who was coming out of the bathroom before me. After that, I went back inside the pub and fell asleep. I came to when my friends woke me up. We were in an Uber, and they were dropping me off in front of my house.  Alex Castillo, 28

“I woke up naked in my mom’s bed”

The last thing I remembered from that night was putting down my glass. The next day, I woke up naked in my mom’s bed—she was out of town at the time. I kept trying to piece together where my phone, clothes, and wallet were. When I checked the car, there was an order from Jollibee that I had no recollection of buying. Later in the day, when I thought I lost all of my stuff, my brother came in and said he used the car after I arrived, and kept all of my things. — Anonymous

“We decided to drink—we drank a lot” 

Back when I was in college, our school arranged a four-day, three-night field trip to Vigan (a city in Ilocos Sur in the Philippines), but I decided not to go. The night before the trip, three of my friends, who were going on the trip, slept over at my dorm. While waiting for their early morning jump-off to Ilocos, we decided to drink—and we drank a lot. I don’t remember who initiated this, but my friends started joking around that I should still come to the field trip. There was even a conversation about hiding me while I was there. I can't remember what happened exactly, but the next morning I was in Vigan, hungover, with little memory of what happened, wearing only slippers, shorts, and house clothes. I had only two pairs of underwear and house clothes packed for the trip, while everyone else was in their perfect tour outfits. — Star Miguel, 29

“I told my parents I was just going to a friend’s house” 

It was one of those high school open parties during the time when gin was really popular. I told my parents I was just going to a friend’s house for a group project. I can’t remember anything that happened that night, except waking up the next day in one of the pews in a church. I don’t know how many missed calls I had on my phone—probably double digits—but when I got home, my parents were pissed. My hangover immediately went away. How I ended up in church, I have no idea. — Anton T., 28

“We never saw John at any of my friend’s parties again”

Back in college, my friend’s mom threw a party for her birthday. She told her daughter she could invite her friends, so there was a mix of adults and college kids there. My friend invited a dude—let’s call him John—who wasn’t part of our regular friend group. As the night went on, John got progressively drunker and ended up making out with one of the older women who must’ve been at least 50. At that point, we decided to call it a night and leave John to his activities as he and the woman seemed to be having consensual fun. 


We all slept over at my friend’s house since we were all pretty drunk. But the next morning, we were assaulted by a foul, foul smell. It was coming from the bathroom connected to our room. When we opened the door, there was John, with his face inside the toilet bowl and shit everywhere. Apparently, John thought he was going to puke, but instead released the contents of his bowels through the other end. We had to wake John up so he could clean himself, but because he had soiled his clothes and none of the guys had spares, he had to wear my friend’s clothes, which were way too small. He wore those clothes all the way back to his apartment. Needless to say, we never saw John at any of my friend’s parties again. — Beato Bongco, 30

“He woke up in a boat in the middle of Mindoro” 

I was drinking with friends in a bar in Iloilo, a city in the Visayas region of the Philippines. In the middle of the night, I got into a fight with one of my friends. He disappeared after a while, even though we were all supposed to sleep over at my house after. I was annoyed because he just left, and I thought it was because he was still mad. But the next morning, he messaged asking for help—he’d taken the wrong bus. Instead of taking a bus home, he ended up on a bus going to Manila, which is in a completely different island. When he woke up, he found himself in a boat in the middle of Mindoro—roughly 300 kilometers away from his house. — Don A., 35

Interviews have been edited for length and clarity.

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