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Christmas Songs? In September? Really?

Paul McCartney and Gwen Stefani have both released Christmas songs this week. This is dumb!
Gwen Stefani en Instagram

Friday marked the Autumn Equinox and, while I hate being the crabby and absent-minded cynic, this is no time for cheap Christmas trash to hit department store shelves. It's still September and there is a lot of other trash to buy before then: Halloween trash, Thanksgiving trash, general autumnal trash. Every season has its trash. That is the way of things.

Yet here we are. It's September 23 and we must, with our eyes sheepishly pointed to the floor, point you to some inexplicable Christmas music that was released earlier this week. First, The Voice judges Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have joined forces for an upbeat, old-timey, country-esque Yuletide song called "You Make It Feel Like Christmas." It's almost quite fun if you live somewhere unnaturally cold during the fall.

And here, for no apparent reason, is Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon's rendition of McCartney's own "Wonderful Christmastime," first performed on The Late Show last year. The two join up with The Roots, who provide a cappella beats; it's coming out on an album called Holidays Rule. There is no reason for this to exist at any time of the year! Repent! Make shitty Halloween music first!

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