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12 Pictures that Prove Cynthia Should Be the Star of the 'Rugrats' Reboot

Cynthia's stoicism and ambivalence are perfectly suited to our troubled times. Plus, she's a really cool dancer.
All screenshots courtesy of Nickelodeon

Rejoice, grown '90s kids, for Nickelodeon has ordered a 26-episode revival of Rugrats!

There's also apparently a live-action Rugrats film from Paramount Players slated for a November 13, 2020 release—but I don't know about all that. Will the Rugrats be played by real babies or some combination of real and CGI babies? Is it going to be Rugrats, except all four babies are played by Andy Serkis? Who knows!


To celebrate this news, Broadly decided to round-up the most iconic pictures of Cynthia—the show's parody of Barbie, Angelica Pickles' best friend and favorite toy, and our butch-femme queen. Clearly, she should be the star of the reboot.

Cynthia understands that a crowded train is no excuse for unwanted sexual touching. Remain alert, and have a safe day.

Cynthia recognizes that marriage is a heteropatriarchal institution that deserves to be mercilessly roasted.

Maybe you saw the recent video of a shark attack? Let's give proper citation to Cynthia, the very first influencer to swim with sharks for the #content.

In an increasingly isolated society, Cynthia finds a way to keep herself afloat. (On a popsicle-stick raft. She really did that.)

Cynthia knows when it's time to log off of Twitter.

Cynthia sits in a way that's comfortable for her because she knows that "etiquette" is a racist, classist concept employed to make women subservient.

Cynthia calls her Senators. Here she is asking them to oppose Brett Kavanaugh.

Cynthia is prepared to share her resources because she knows that white women are actually the ones who benefit most from "affirmative action."

Cynthia believes in self-care.

Cynthia was ahead of her time, astutely predicting 2018's national mood in the 90s.