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Check Out THUMP's Documentary About the Rotterdam Terror Corps, Holland's Most Badass Hardcore Collective

This crew has been keeping it raw since before you were born and we're here to tell their tale.

Subtitles available in English, French, Dutch, and German You could call the Rotterdam Terror Corps a "hardcore collective," but that honestly sounds way too innocent considering the sights and sounds this Netherlandish group actually peddles in: booming loud hardcore with live performances that burst with fire, explosions, and naked people. The RTC was there when gabber, hardcore's equally freakish cousin, first took the Rotterdam scene by storm. Nowadays—years after the hype surrounding the genre has died down, and years after trance—the RTC is still doing its thing; and for the past three years, their music has become harder and rawer than ever before.


In the René van Zundert-directed documentary Rotterdam Terror Corps: No Happy Shit, we follow DJ Distortion, MC RTSier, and the other crew members who have put their heart and soul in RTC for over twenty years—maintaining relevancy in the modern hardcore scene, and continuing to push the envelope to the extreme.