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Brazilians Play Frogger On Skyscrapers To Raise Traffic Safety Awareness

Brazilian gaming festival Mostra Play! invites you to play (on the side of a building) against preventable traffic accidents.

Images courtesy of Andres Ortega and Paulo Muggler

No one ever complained about video games being too big—or too educational. In fact, massive (building-sized) gaming is exactly the type of trend we'd like to see more of, especially when tackling tough social issues.

It's an unfortunate facet of post-Industrial living, but not one without a solution: transit accidents. The primary cause of death in many developed and developing nations, residents of São Paulo are fighting back. Mostra Play!, a monthlong digital arts festival in Brazil, seeks to alleviate this reducible phenomenon by inviting pedestrians off the street to join in on everyone's favorite digital pastime: gaming.


From Andres Ortega of Noobware Games, creators of Frogger-homage game, Street Crosser, alongside Nutone: "Our game is attempting to raise awareness of the number one cause of death in São Paulo which is traffic accidents involving pedestrians, so we've created a frogger-style game where the aim is to cross the street and help elderly ladies across for bonus points."

Street Crosser is featured on the 22-story-tall FIESP building on Paulista Avenue in the Brazilian capital, an LED media facade of unprecedented scale. Gamers can play other colossal games, as well: Play Goal, by Pfadfinderei, is a futbol-focused arcade game that will make your average Kinect soccer look like chump change. Car Crush SP!, by Paulo Muggler, re-interprets Candy Crush to explore the "diversity of technological solutions" available to improve transit problems.

Take a look at some photos of this immersive spectacle below, and imagine a world where you could play Flappy Bird on the side of a skyscraper on any street corner.

Mostra Play! is organized by Verve Cultural, and ongoing on Sao Paulo's Avenida Paulista through May 4. 

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