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Listen to Action Bronson's Brand New Track "Terry"

Lend an ear to the new single off of Fuck, That's Delicious host Action Bronson's upcoming album, Mr. Wonderful.

Still can't get enough of Action Bronson even after spending the long weekend curled up with your iPad, binge-watching every last episode of his phenomenal MUNCHIES series Fuck, That's Delicious?

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We feel you. But thankfully, Action has been dropping new tracks like breadcrumbs, leading us straight to his upcoming album Mr. Wonderful, out March 24 on VICE/Atlantic Records. We've heard his epic "Easy Rider," his showstopper "Actin Crazy," and his exclusive track for Fuck, That's Delicious—"Big League Chew."

Now, allow us to introduce you to "Terry," the newest and juiciest song in his deck. Produced by his longtime collaborator The Alchemist, it's as delicious, shall we say, as Action's favorite "spicy coconut curry from the Thai spot." (Hear his shout-out to take-out for yourself below.)

Click here to preorder Mr. Wonderful, which will also feature collaborations with Chance the Rapper, Big Body Bes, Mayem Lauren, and Party Supplies, as well as production from Mark Ronson, Noah "40" Shebib and more.